Services Offered


Newborns (up to 2 weeks): Your gorgeous baby will ideally be photographed in the first 2 weeks (5-10 days is perfect). This is the time when they are the most sleepy and still curly and snugly. Allow 2-3 hours for a newborn session as this allows time to settle and feed your baby. During this time you can sit down and relax I am happy to settle your baby. For newborn portrait sessions please contact me before your little bundle arrives so I can reserve a tentative date. This date is flexible, as babies will always have their own timeframes.

Photos are taken in my home studio where I have a controlled warm environment. You can bring your favourite hats or blankets if required. I have a range of blankets, wraps and hats that can be used. 

Baby sessions (from 2 weeks): This can be taken in my home, your home or on location. Great times to complete these photos are with tummy time, and sitting. This is a great time as the babies really interact and you can capture their wonderful personality.

Maternity: Generally best taken from 7 months. I like to take photos in the natural environment such as the beach as always the choice of location is yours. Wearing clothing that is flattering and comfortable such as long flowing dresses can really show off your precious bump.

Children and Family: These portraits are taken in a spot that children enjoy such as at the beach to ensure relaxed and fun photos. Your portrait session will be personalized to your individual family’s requirements.